Belogna ikons was designed, constructed and equipped based on the upbringing, real-life experiences, knowledge and dreams of people who love and appreciate the traditional ways of Naxos. Their principal aim was to bypass the often casual attitude towards tradition that can lead to architectural tastelessness or to a lack of harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Belogna ikons is meant for those who are familiar with the authentic Cycladic islands, especially Naxos, and for those who wish to discover that authenticity in a peaceful location with panoramic views. The location was not picked arbitrarily; the complex is built next to the Tower of Belogna, a landmark of Naxos, a symbol of tradition and an emblem of savor. Belogna ikons, bowing to the magnitude of the Tower, dares the comparison seeking to fit next to the Tower without offending it. Belogna ikons allows you to gaze at Naxos and its capital, without depriving you from the proximity to the water – large swimming pool instead of personal bath tab-type pools, easy access to the beaches – and a comfortable accommodation.

The villas of Belogna ikons are different among themselves, since the houses of traditional Cycladic settlements were also different. They are built on slope, in order for every villa to have its private external space, including the parking area, and unobstructed view to the Aegean Sea. From each veranda, one can see clearly Paros, Mykonos and Syros and feel the infinite blue of the sea.